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Catalogue 2016

From September 16 to May 31, 2017

You can now download for free the digital catalogue of LuganoPhotoDays 2016

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How to become a heck of a Storyteller

"Most photographers are lousy storytellers, but they are fantastic collectors." What does this mean? It means to be a serious photographer, you need to understand the power of narrative, of editing, of clarifying your ideas, enabling you to engage and communicate with an audience. People want stories; not pictures.

Crowdfunding 2016

The fifth edition of the international festival of photography, Luganophotodays, will be held in September. Your contribution is essential for this important anniversary.

Catalogue 2015

Buy the catalogue LuganoPhotoDays 2015 (72 pages), fully bilingual (English + Italian), with 188 photos.

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  • Area Turismo ed Eventi - Città di Lugano


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  • Foto Garbani
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  • Eventmore
  • Smile in the Eyes
  • Studio B&B

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  • CSIA
  • Galleria La Loggia
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