LuganoPhotoDays was born in early 2012 from an idea of Marco Cortesi.

After visiting several European festivals, and having established a network of contacts in the world of photography – as a photographer but mostly as a passionate –, Marco Cortesi felt the need to created a venue in his hometown to further spread this mean of communication and expression.

The festival materializes in just a few months also thanks to the support of Fabrizio Biaggi.

LuganoPhotoDays’ objective is to organize a yearly international photography festival in Lugano that will insert itself among the ones that already exist in other European cities.

LuganoPhotoDays is a 360 degrees festival, which offers exhibitions, conferences, workshops and everything that is available in large festivals.

In order to position LuganoPhotoDays at the highest level since its first edition, it has been decided to invite worldwide famous photographers such as Alex Majoli (photographer and president for Magnum Photos) and Nikos Economopoulos (Magnum Photos).

As of its second edition already the festival has shown that the event is growing exponentially offering a larger program and expanding its team.

LuganoPhotoDays is organized by the non-profit association of the same name based in Lugano (Switzerland).