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The workshop of Antoine d’Agata revolves around photography as a means for asserting a personal perception of the world. Looking beyond the purely documentary, images making up a diary or inventory allow their inventor to cut free from the constraints underlying the transcription of objective reality.

Antoine d’Agata’s concern is to pare down the photographic act to the need to recount ordinary or extreme experiences. Each participant will be asked to examine the ultimate goal of his approach, to play an active part in his own images, and to work on the texture of reality.

Since images, like words, only take on meaning when brought together, the workshop will focus on finding the most relevant form for each individual stance.

Working with Antoine d’Agata, participants must be ready to photograph intensively throughout the workshop and to extend the limits of their approach. They will have to confront their obsessions and contradictions as they shape a series of images conveying in real or fictional terms their private relationship with the world

Workshop content

  • Introduction to photography as a profession
  • One-to-one interview and definition of a photographic project
  • Analysis of the participant’s earlier work and assessment of his/her level
  • Daily photography sessions
  • Individual and group analysis of the previous day’s work
  • Selection of photos with a view to creating a series
  • Discussion of possible outlets
  • One-to-one final interview

What to bring…

All material – photos, portfolios, pressbook, etc – relevant to your earlier work. Film or digital cameras, with tripod and flash if possible.


When: October 15-20, 2013 (facebook event)
Time: 9 AM – 4 PM (approximate)
Location: CSIA
Language: English
Participants: max. 14
Price: CHF 925.- / 740 €