casotti-portraitBorn in Reggio Emilia in 1972 he graduated in Economy and Statistic from University of Parma.
After taking photography classes at Pratt Institute of New York City in 2005 he started up as a fashion photographer, always longing for his real passion for documentary photography. It was back then that he decided to wander the world with a new perspective and since then he have been exploring people and places. Piergiorgio has always been attracted by dynamics of societies around the world trying to explore them in the first person, intimately. It’s the different faces of human beings that he’s interested in.

Since 2010 he committed to video documentary as a complementary way to tell stories. He discovered photography as a mean to both explore the world and himself at the same time. It’s been an indissoluble link since. What he photographs has always something to do with himself. In his work he tries to balance between documenting and personal emotions.

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LuganoPhotoDays 2013
– book presentation Sometimes I cannot smile by Pier Casotti:  October 17 at 5:30 PM at Il Ciani