The bike sharing network consists of 9 stations and a total of 98 bicycles available for the public’s perusal.

There are 9 stations and a total of 98 rental bicycles available for the public’s perusal in Lugano and Paradiso, the first two municipalities in Ticino to join the project named velopass. Crossing the city is easier, fun and ecological.

How does it work?

velopass is an automatic bike rental system operating round the clock, 24/7. You can rent a bicycle at one station and return it in another at your destination.

9 stations, 98 bicycles

  • Stadium
  • Campo Marzio, Viale Castagnola
  • University
  • Fornaci
  • Contrada di Verla
  • Paradiso Centro
  • Capriasca (ARL Station)
  • Melide (Swissminiatur – available soon)

Mobile station

The bikesharing net has also a mobile station of 10 bikes that can be moved where needed. There is an operator that helps the taking and giving back of the bike.
Actually the station is in: Villa Carmine, Via Trevano 55, Lugano.

Passes and day tickets

  • regiopass: valid one year in one network, CHF 25.-* (first 30 minutes for free, then CHF 1.- per hour)
  • natiopass: valid one year in all networks, CHF 60.-* (first 30 minutes for free, then CHF 1.- per hour)
  • mobilitypass: combined MobilityCarSharing and natiopass, valid one year, CHF 250.- (first 30 minutes for free, then CHF 1.- per hour)
  • daypass: valid in one network for 24 hours, CHF 6.-

* + CHF 10.- registration fee

Sales points

  • il foce, Via Foce 1, Lugano
  • Dicastero Giovani ed Eventi, Via Trevano 55, Lugano
  • Ente Turistico del Luganese, Riva Albertolli, Lugano
  • Puntocittà, Via della Posta 8, Lugano
  • Osteria Bianco Nero, Via Trevano 55, Lugano
  • Chiosco Centro SA, Via degli Albrizzi 1, Lugano
  • Snack bar Baraonda, Via delle Scuole 21, Paradiso

Special offers and discounts

Holders of a Lugano Card benefit of a 20% discount on the purchase price of a regiopass.


The bike sharing project is promoted by the municipalities of Lugano and Paradiso and supported by Aziende Industriali di Lugano AIL SA, Touring Club Svizzero – Gruppo del luganese and Fondo Clima Lugano Sud.