On the occasion of the LuganoPhotoDays (October 12 to 20,  2013) Fabrizio Capsoni will display more than 250

photo shots to recall , and especially remember the event  “Beijing” in 2008 , which confirmed those great changes that have also affected both the economic and cultural scene worldwide.

Capsoni spent, in fact more than a month in August/September  2008 between Beijing and some other parts of China, and created more than 3,000 images where he endeavoured to capture the atmosphere and  the essence of such an important event, which is why he decided to document Beijing and the Olympic spirit, demonstrating the kindness of its people, the organizational capability of the Chinese nation and last but not least, the quality of life, understood as alive and modern.

The Olympic event can not be reduced solely to sports images , but must represent the activities and the development of a nation’s  people and this exhibit aims to document those positive aspects of China that deserve to be disseminated in order to convey correct information. Smiles of cordiality, incredible architecture, kitchen chef’s dressed in immaculate jackets, a girl who assists her elderly grandmother, security guaranteed by the police, the streets of fashion, the youth of the new millennium, cheering sports and national pride, volunteers and team spirit , the contrasts large and small, traditions and tourism, arts & crafts, contemporary art.

In a nutshell the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were spectacular not only for the sports, but also and especially as a statement of a big change.

From his reportage Fabrizio Capsoni has selected a series of Fine Art works printed in a limited edition which will be displayed at the same time, and will be available to distinguished visitors as collectors pieces and interior furnishings.

BEIJING 2008 – Photo Exhibition on China Olympic by Fabrizio Capsoni
On the occasion of LuganoPhotoDays 12 to 20 October 2013
Introduction by Paolo Blendinger: Wednesday October 15, 2012 at 6 PM


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